Gaza Appeal

Help Rebuild Gaza - Gaza Needs our Help! - How you can respond to this crisis ?

  1. £50 – Food Pack – Family food parcels
  2. £30/month – Orphan Sponsorship – Sponsor an orphan child
  3. £100 for 20 Families – Bread & Water
  4. £500 –  A Share to rebuild A Home
  5. £1000 –  A Share in An Ambulance
  6. £9,000 –  Water Desalination Plant – The Desalination plant in Gaza takes salt water and purifies it making it drinkable. This will be used by the people of Gaza to irrigate their crops and gain access to clean safe drinking water. With just one of these we will be supporting 60,000 people a month as currently 97% of Gaza water is unfit for human consumption.

The ongoing conflict and continuous attacks have caused a damage that may never be compensated. Farmland, greenhouses, livestock, and fisheries were damaged or destroyed, and over thousands of homes were fully or partially destroyed.

A ceasefire is holding, but the damage has already been done to Gaza’s already overstretched health system, in which staff are overworked, and a third of medical supplies are out of stock.

The continuous blockade, increasing unemployment and violent escalations have pushed Gaza to the brink. Over half of the residents of Gaza do not have sufficient food to eat and a big majority rely on humanitarian help to survive. Fishermen and farmers face restricted access to land and sea, making it hard to make a living.

Help us to support the most vulnerable people of Gaza by providing food, clean drinking water and medical aid. Lets join hands, Save a life and save all of mankind.

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection. Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter.” (Sahih Muslim)


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