• Deaths – 1,508
  • Injured – 12,758
  • House Destroyed – 18,17,550

Weeks of torrential rains and flash floods have ravaged Pakistan According to the most recent reports, 33 million people were affected, more than 1500 people including children have tragically lost their lives, and sadly, this number is growing.

In the hardest hit areas of Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Punjab, tens of thousands homes and hundreds of thousands of livestock have been destroyed. Reports from authorities have confirmed more than half a million people are still in makeshift camps, over 12,718km of road infrastructure and 390 bridges have been destroyed, which poses an even more severe threat to the lives of thousands of people. Without access to urgent medical aid, food, clean drinking water and adequate shelter, those who have fled to higher ground will be at even more risk.

Alhumdulillah with your help and support, Al Hasanaat Foundation has distributed around 2000 food packs and cooked meals. 500 Shelter tents.

HOWEVER, this is not enough. As winter is approaching fast, our brothers and sisters along with the children and elderly need immediate attention and relief.

With your help and support we are looking forward to provide them with:
  • Winter Pack for Flood Displaced Families – £100
  • Cooked Meal & Drinking water – £200
  • Food Packs for 5 Families – £250
  • Rebuild a Masjid – £7500
  • House Building – £3000
  • Sponsor a Hafiz e Quran – £15p/m or 540 for 3 years

Pakistan Needs Your Support!
Please donate your Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah funds now to help those suffering


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