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Rohingya Emergency Appeal

#Rohingya emergency CRISIS!

Working closely with local charity partners, Our team on the ground were able to distribute over 2,000 food packs to those in need. Each food pack contains food sufficient basics, such as oil, flour, rice, lentils, amongst many other items. This food pack will be able to supplement a family of five for a month.

Last year we distributed just over 3,000 Quran’s in refugee camps and built over 25 mosques that provide a safe space for Islamic education. We need to do everything we can to build their confidence and resilience. The remembrance of Allah’s promise always fuels optimism and we must inspire them to have the courage to keep hold of this rope of Allah.

Food deprivation, lack of access to clean water, shelter and medical aid are the current conditions they are facing.

Help us to reach more people by donating towards our current projects.

How you can respond to this crisis?

Please donate towards?

  1. £50 – Food Pack – Family food parcels
  2. £1500 – Water Aid – Dig a water well to provide clean and drinking water
  3. £30/month – Orphan Sponsorship – Sponsor an orphan child
  4. £500 – Shelter Appeal – Build a shelter for a refugee family
  5. £2,000 – Community Masjid Appeal –Provide a Masjid facility at Rohingya refugees camps

There are none worthy of worship besides You. Glorified are You, Surely I a from among the wrongdoers (note: whatever du’a will be made after its recital, Allah will accept it, Insha-Allah)


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