Syrian Refugees Appeal

#Refugees Appeal

How you can respond to this crisis ?

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  1. £50 – Food Pack – Family food parcels
  2. £150 – Water Aid – Supply of clean and drinking water
  3. £200 – Medical Aid – Much needed medical supply & support
  4. £30/month – Orphan Sponsorship – Sponsor an orphan child


There are over 100,000 Palestinian and Syrian refugees residing in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. More than 50% of these are vulnerable children and women. They are desperately in need of food, water, shelter, medicine, warm clothes and bedding.

Lack of fresh and clean water supply is resulting to the spread of disease in the camps and an unhygienic environment and living quarters.
Al Hasanaat has been on the ground in Lebanon in December 2018 delivering winter aid to those in need.

We may never be able to understand the plight of our refugee brothers and sisters, but it is our duty as Muslims to take action. We have a team on the ground working with local partners in Lebanon that is tasked with providing families with essentials to help them through the harsh winter. As a result of the donations we have received we were able to provide over 500 families with food kits to last them over a month and other basics such as mattresses and blankets.

O Allah! I seek refuge in You from disbelief (in you), poverty, and torment in the grave.


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