Yemen Emergency Appeal

#Donate £50 to feed a family for a month today

Yemen Needs You?

  1. £50 – Food Pack – Family food parcels
  2. £300 – Water Tank – Supply of clean and drinking water

Yemen is the largest hunger crisis in the world with 22 million in desperate need of your help.

Years of conflict have pushed Yemen to the brink of famine. People are dying of hunger. We urgently need your support to supply food & save lives.

Thousands of people have lost their lives since the start of conflict. Millions have lost their homes and have been displaced in neighbouring countries or within Yemen but in the areas where there is no food, jobs and security.

Yemen is slowly turning into a hell on earth for those living there. The situation is very desperate and if the help doesn’t reach in next few months, millions of people will lose their lives through starvation.

Donate a food pack now to save a life

O Allah! I am oppressed, therefore come to my help.


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