Muslims all around the world are encouraged to do good deeds and in return get a chance to reap countless rewards on the most blessed day of the week.
Make sure you never miss charity on the best day of the week, a day of so many virtues!

The Prophet ﷺ said:

The most beloved of actions are the most constant.{al-Bukhari & Muslim}

Ibn Al-Qayyim Said, “Giving Charity on Friday with Regard to The Rest Of The Week Is The Best Day To Do So This Is Similar To The Superiority Of Giving Charity During Ramadan With Regard To The Rest Of The Months.”

We can start by giving some Sadaqah for Allah’s sake. Why not sponsor an orphan, give to our water projects, or set up a regular Sadaqah to those most in need?
Never miss sadaqah on a Friday! To give £3 each Friday, this is the same as £12 per month. (£5 every Friday is £20 per month.)


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Al Hasanaat Foundation was launched in 2011 by Maulana Ali Anwar Qasmi. Having witnessed first hand the plight and vulnerability of the people of Bihar in India, it became a strong desire to help rebuild the lives of the most vulnerable and often forgetten people.

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